Gopher Gold

Gopher Gold

The “mining for gold” design is not as unpopular with a fun cartoonish distort, although is ever within the casinos that are online, hence the builders from Microgaming decided to hop on the train. Enter “Gopher Gold”, A5-reel slot machine game with a hefty jackpot of MONEY60,000. You won’t seethe prize searchers, boys and innovators here – a smiley and efficient gopher does the exploration. He’s sporting skilled mining equipment, therefore he clearly appreciates what he’s doing that put he’s accumulated is just looked at by –! If you’re lucky enough, you’ll walk-away with a tote of real life gold to contact your own personal.

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The design are standard Microgaming, contemporary and clean. The photographs range from the pleased miner themselves, different methods and equipment, and silver, obviously! The upbeat banjo music-playing in the qualifications can set the mood as well as you will be aided by the several bonus characteristics in your pursuit of the jackpot. There’s a simulated for those who enjoy dedication- enjoying that is free, as well as the real money version for just about any hardcore gamer who’s planning to increase his bill.

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